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At Beautyschoolsnearme.com we strive to provide the best resource for aspiring beauty school students on the internet! Our mission is to provide this service through our nationwide directory of programs and schools for beauty, cosmetology and other careers in beauty!
According to bls.gov’s latest statistics, beauty school graduates can look forward to getting in to a new career that is not only exciting, but it is growing!


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe


Let Your Creative Side Come out at Beauty School!!

There can be many added bonuses to your career choice. The world of beauty is limitless in it’s openness to creativity and individuality. One more added benefit is the flexibility you can get in a work schedule. Though all places of work can be different. Most schedules are extremely open to your personal needs.

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Nobody gives you more options for education in the beauty industry like beautyschoolsnearme.com does! And we are always looking for better ways to provide premium resources for future beauticians, cosmetologists and other great careers in beauty.

Career and Salary Outlook for Cosmetologists

Cosmetologists Data per bls.gov
Median Hourly Pay $22,770 per year
Median Yearly Salary $10.95 per hour
Level of Education Needed Post-secondary nondegree designation
Work Exp. Required NA
On-the-Job Training Requirement NA
# of Jobs in 2012 663,300 Jobs
Job Growth 2012-22 13%
Employment Increase 2012-2022 +83,300 Jobs

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Cosmetology SchoolsThere are some factors that can determine your expected earnings potential. The main factor is your geographical location. If you are in a big city, you can expect to probably earn a higher wage to start. But remember, once you start doing your thing, your clients will be coming back over and over again!! Going to a school in a large city like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York increases your chances of landing a high paying, high profile job in a swanky salon that is always ahead of the trend! But as you can see above the salary as a whole is competitive in all job markets!


“Attitude is everything.” —Diane von Furstenberg


Another factor is your education and training level. If you get killer training from a great accredited beauty school. Well, I can tell you this, it helps! Lucky for you, our schools are all of that level! Lastly is the one that goes forgotten about often. Your personality and how people react to you and trust you. Yes your skills get the job done. But can you take it to the next level with a great personality and great energy?


“Is it a Good Idea for me to Contact Beauty Schools Near Me for Additional Assistance?”


Each school has its own way of doing things and each one can help your situation. We make that easy by entering your zip code in our school finder where you can contact as many schools as you need to! We recommend at least three but you can only benefit by contacting as many as possible.

How can I Find a Beauty School Near me?

Let us make your simple search in to a career changing quest for a new you!
You can type your city in the search box in the side or put your zip code in and find your area’s schools for beauty and cosmetology today! Come on don’t waste a great opportunity for change!! Take charge of your career!

What to Look for in Cosmetology Schools

Beautician Schools
Find out if your selected school is accredited at naccas.org. You may also want to see if their are any specializations you may be able to do due to what is offered around you. You never know, a top notch beauty school may be in your own neighborhood!!

Look for Top Rated Beauty Schools

Whether or not you decide to go to a prestigious school like the Paul Mitchell school or Aveda. The hands on approach these top notch beauty schools offer is hard to match! What school you choose does matter. Not every school is fit for your style. That is why it is so important you contact multiple schools and find out how they teach their classes. You want to be set up for success don’t you?

Now let yourself out of your own way and start today! Find out what you are made of and put yourself out there and try for a new you!d put yourself out there and try for a new you!

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