Cosmetology Schools in Alaska

Alaska Schools for Cosmetology
If a cosmetology profession interests you, beauty schools in Alaska could possibly be perfect for you!

Programs can take as little as 18-24 months to complete, and at the conclusion of your training you become eligible to take the license test for your region.

Qualifications and School Choices

What is Required to Become Qualified for Cosmetology Schools in Alaska?

There are several conditions to be qualified for cosmetologist training courses. You must be the legal age to be employed in Alaska and own a senior high school degree or GED.

Leading Cosmetology Schools in AK

Alaska Cosmetology Licensing

Licensing and the Impact it Has on Your Career

If you would like to earn your beauty license, or maybe obtain a certification within a specific portion of beauty, here’s how to go about doing it. To get certified or licensed in Alaska, you have got to wrap up your own basic education to begin with.

Then, make sure to go to the actual required working hours from your Alaska state board. Within this vital time you’re going to get hands on training such as you are going to do on-the-job.

Your next step will be to take and successfully pass your state’s certification exam. Take the time to hunt for apprenticeships wherever offered, they will help you get more hours pertaining to training and can get prospects regarding prospective work.

Additionally it is really important to not forget, after you have been certified, you will need to re-new your accreditation. See your State Board of Cosmetology for your renewal requirements.

AK License Hours for Professions Accessible Throughout the Cosmetology Field

  • Cosmetology Trainer – 1,650 Work hrs and also 2,000 Working hours with regard to Chances Apprenticeships Options available
  • Hair-Dresser – 1,650 Working hours and 2,000 Hrs pertaining to Prospects Apprenticeship Prospects
  • Esthetician – 350 Working hrs and additionally 350 Working hours with regard to Prospects Apprenticeship Prospects
  • Permanent Makeup products Artist – 380 Working hours along with 380 Working hours with respect to Options available Apprenticeships Programs
  • Skin Care Specialist – 1500 Hrs in addition to 3200 Hrs when it comes to Chances Apprenticeships Options
  • Nail Specialist – Twelve Hrs

AK Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
Business address — P.O. Box 110806 Juneau, AK 99811-0806
Barbering and Cosmetology Contact # : (907) 456 2547
Open Apprenticeships Telephone # – 907-456-2547
Facsimile Number – 907-456-2974
Contact Email –

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Job and Wages Prospects

How Good is the Job Forecast for Cosmetology Careers in Alaska?

Barbers, Hairdressers and CosmetologistsData per
2015 Median Annual Salary$23,710
2015 Median Hourly Wage$11.40
Level of Education RequiredPostsecondary non-degree award
Work Experience RequiredNone
Number of Jobs in 2014656,400
Job Growth Rate 2014-202410%
New Jobs 2014-202464,400

The latest information from O*Net Online shows a great future for those looking to get a job as a cosmetologist in Alaska. Due to the state’s continuously growing beauty and cosmetology industry, the requirement for more employees noticeably outpaces that of many other beauty and cosmetology professionals. These numbers signify a once-in-a-lifetime chance for any person who has an interest in starting a career in the cosmetology field.


Information on Beauty Training in Alaska

Selecting which program to attend can be a personal matter, however there are some items you should be mindful of prior to choosing beauty schools. You could possibly hear that cosmetologist schools are all identical, however there are some things you should really be aware of before you start deciding on which cosmetology courses to register for in Alaska. Undoubtedly, the key element of any school is that it must have the proper accreditation from the Alaska State Board. Although they are not as important as the accreditation status, you might like to pay attention to some of the following areas also:

  • Talk with your State board for beautician to check where the school compares among its competitors
  • What’s the rate of success on the license exam when compared with all the other training centers?
  • Activity on program boards

Anytime beauty training colleges say they offer complete beauty courses, it refers to the training of hairdressing, skin, nail-care, and additionally make-up is presented within a comprehensive training course.

Cosmetology Programs Teach Trainees a Myriad of Skill-sets to Apply

Cosmetology college students learn how to apply the talents learned for clients via group class lessons, the published references, and then hands-on training in salons for students only.

A state training course curriculum differs from one state to the next, nonetheless a beautician course enrolee will graduate from their course with a well-rounded familiarity with the many portions of the cosmetologist field, still trainees are allowed to concentrate on any particular area or service.

Plan Today for Your Job of tomorrow!

Now that you have received all of the guidelines and details necessary to become a cosmetologist, it is now your responsibility to enroll in beauty schools today!

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