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Cosmetology across the country is taking-off at a record rate and, by enrolling in beauty schools in Bothell WA, you have the chance to start a career as a beautician.

Training courses are between 1-2 years in length, and are generally accessible to prepare you for the license test in your respective state.

Qualifications and Courses

Cosmetology Schools and Criteria

Although there are not many prerequisites in instruction to become a cosmetologist, you must take notice of the several that do exist. The applicant must be the legal age and have earned a H.S. diploma or equivalent.

Recommended Cosmetology Schools in Washington

Certification Information

Does the State of WA Have a Cosmetologist License Prerequisite That You Need to be Aware Of?

If you would like to earn a cosmetology license, or perhaps choose a license within a unique section of beauty, here’s how to pull off executing it. In order to get certified in Washington, you’ll want to completely finish your current formal schooling to start with.

Next, make sure to attend the specified 1,600 working hours for the Washington Board of Cosmetology. Through this extremely important time you will undoubtedly get hands on instruction just like you will do at your future job.

The very next step will be to take and pass the state’s license exam. Make sure to look for apprenticeships wherever available, they will ensure you get more hours with respect to your training and gives you the chance to get leads when it comes to prospective work.

Also, it is critical to make note of, after getting registered, you will have to re-new your license. Call your state board for any renewal specifications.

WA Accreditation Requirements for Occupations Offered Inside of the Field of Cosmetology

  • Hairdresser – 1,000 Working hours in addition to 1,200 Working hours with regard to Prospects Apprenticeship Options available
  • Esthetician – 600 Working hours in addition to 800 Working hours with regard to Options available Apprenticeship Prospects
  • Nail Technician – 600 Work hrs in addition to 800 Work hours intended for Alternatives Apprenticeships Options available
  • Electrologist – Call Washington State Health Dept
  • Masseuse – 500 Work hrs

Washington Cosmetology Board
Mailing address : PO Box 3857 Seattle, WA 98124 405 Black Lake Blvd SW Olympia, WA 98502
Board Phone # – 360 664 6626
Apprenticeships Availability Telephone # – (360)-664-6626
Fax # (360) 664 2550
E-mail –

Career and Salary Perspective

The Comprehensive Beautician Job Handbook for Bothell WA

Nation wide Info Information from
Median Salary $22,770 per year
Median Pay 10.95 per hr
Entry-Level Education Required Post-Secondary non-degree designation
Work Experience inside a Relevant Occupation NA
Career Education Essential? NA
Amount of Positions in 2012 663,300
Career Prospects Growth, 2012-22 +13%
Job Growth thru 2012-2022 83300 new

We don’t need to tell you that the need for cosmetologists in the State of Washington keeps growing each year per O*Net Online. Indeed, the field’s forecasted rate of growth is one of the highest of any segment in the workforce. This means that the time is right to get started on a new job as a cosmetologist in Bothell WA.

Added Info

What’s Covered in Cosmetology Classes?

You’ve made the decision that you want to become a cosmetologist, and at this point you’ll have to decide which of the cosmetology schools is the ideal one. You could hear that beautician courses are all identical, yet there are some areas you really should be aware of when choosing which cosmetology training to sign up for in Bothell WA. It’s strongly encouraged that you make sure that you verify that the beautician school or program you’re going to be looking at has been approved by the Washington State Board or another accrediting group. When you finish checking the accreditation situation, you may have to research a tad deeper to make certain that the program you want can supply you with the best training.

  • The hiring rate of previous attendees
  • Testimonials by former trainees on their results
  • Is the expense out of step with many other schools?

Anytime beautician training schools proclaim they provide full cosmetology courses, it usually refers to the instruction having to do with hair styling, natual skin care, nails, and makeup will be offered inside a single wide-ranging training course.

Cosmetology Programs Educate College Students Numerous Qualities to Utilize

Beauty students discover ways to implement the skill sets discovered for clients by means of group lectures, the particular issued books, and additionally hands-on training, learning in salons for only students.

The official program curriculum method will differ from your state to the next, but a beauty course student should certainly graduate from their school having a complete expertise in all elements of the cosmetologist field, nonetheless trainees are definitely permitted to specialize in a certain service or area.

Prepare Today for Your Job of Tomorrow!

With all the advice we’ve supplied, you should be set to pick out beauty schools and begin your career as a beautician!

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