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If you think you’d enjoy a position in the beauty and cosmetology field, beauty schools in Brownwood GA are waiting to allow you to get going immediately!

Courses are around 1.5 -2 years in total length, and they are generally accessible to prepare you for the license test in your state.

Requirements and Program Choices

Preparing for Enrollment in Cosmetology Schools in Brownwood GA

The requirements for beautician courses differ from program to program, but most do have some common ones. You have to be of legal age to be employed in Georgia and own a senior high school diploma or GED.

Top Cosmetology Schools in Georgia

Certification and Licensing

Why Should a License Mean So Much?

If you are hoping to get a beauty license, or perhaps even obtain a license within a specific portion of cosmetology, this is how to pull off executing it. To get licensed or certified within Georgia, you should finish off your current conventional training foremost.

And then, ensure that you attend the mandatory 1500 hrs for the Georgia Cosmetology Board. In this time period you will undoubtedly get hands-on instruction just like you will perform at your future job.

The next step will be to take and successfully pass the state’s licensing examination. Don’t neglect to look for apprenticeship programs, they’ll allow you to get additional hours when it comes to training and get leads regarding prospective employment.

It is also valuable to be aware of, after getting registered, you will need to re-new your accreditation. Call your state board for renewal prerequisites.

GA Certification Specifications for Jobs Offered In Cosmetology

  • Cosmetology Educator – 1500 Hrs along with 3000 Work hrs with regard to Alternatives Apprenticeship Options
  • Hairstylist – 2000 Hours as well as 3000 Work hrs with regards to Opportunities Apprenticeship Possibilities
  • Esthetician – 1000 Hrs as well as 3200 Hours regarding Programs Apprenticeships Opportunities
  • Nail Specialist – 525 Work hours and then 2050 Work hrs pertaining to Programs Apprenticeship Prospects
  • Masseuse – 500 Work hours

GA Board of Cosmetology
Address — 237 Coliseum Dr. Macon, GA 31217-3858
Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Phone Number : (478) 207 2440
Available Apprenticeships Phone Number — (478) 207 2440
Facsimile # — 866-888-1176

Career and Income View

Cosmetologist Job Growth Projections for Georgia

National Details Information per
Median Pay Per Year $22,770 per year
Median Pay Per Hour 10.95 per hour
Entry level Training Recommended Postsecondary non-degree designation
Predicted Work Experience NA
On-the-job Education? NA
# of Jobs in 2012 663300
Opportunity Prospects Increase, 2012-22 +13%
Job Growth – 2012-2022 83,300 more

For prospective cosmetologists, the employment outlook is among the brightest of any vocation in Georgia. The rise in new jobs for beauticians are expected to go up nationwide by the end of this decade and in Georgia. As you have seen, becoming a beautician in Brownwood GA may be easier than you believe – particularly in comparison to other types of careers.

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Exactly What Will Be Covered by Your Beautician Program?

Have you gotten to the point where you are ready to select which cosmetology schools suit you? Once you get started looking around, you will discover lots of classes, but what must you try to look for when deciding on cosmetologist schools? One of the first factors you will want to look into is whether or not the program is actually accepted by the Georgia State Board. When you are done checking the accreditation status, you really should explore a tad further to be certain that the training program you like can supply you with the correct training.

  • Exactly how does the duration of the beautician training course stack up to competing programs
  • Rate of success of attendees on the license examination for the last five years
  • How convenient can it be to get ahold of teachers?

Any time cosmetology training centers say that they provide full cosmetology courses, it usually refers to the instructing regarding hair-styling, natual skin care, nailcare, and make-up is normally readily available inside a complete training program.

Cosmetology Classes Instruct Individuals a Myriad of Skillsets to Apply

Beauty school students find out how to apply the skills acquired for future clientele via group class lectures, the provided references, plus hands on simulated training in salons for students only.

A state course curriculum method is different from one state to the next, nonetheless a beautician school student should really graduate from their program with a comprehensive comprehension of all the facets of the cosmetologist field, though individuals are definitely able to focus on a particular area.

Now You Have the Knowledge Necessary for Success!

With the tips we have supplied, you should be ready to pick beauty schools and become a cosmetologist!

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