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Hey everyone considering launching a professional career in the beauty and cosmetology field, beauty schools in Cheektowaga NY make it possible to reach your educational goals faster than you would probably assume.

In as quickly as 1.5 -2 years, you actually are able to get yourself ready to take the license test in your state.

Prerequisites and Program Choices

Cosmetology Schools Requirements – What are They?

The requirements for beautician classes change from one program to the next, but the majority do have a couple of standard ones. One must have finished high school or have a GED and be the legal age to work in New York.

Suggested Beauty Schools in New York


Some Reasons Why a Beautician License is Essential for You

If you’re looking to earn a beauty certification, or obtain a license within a specialized part of cosmetology, the following is how to pull off doing it. To get certified within New York, you will need to complete your own conventional training foremost.

Next, make sure to enroll in the specified 1000 hrs for your New York State Board of Cosmetology. With this time you will definitely get hands-on education such as you will perform on the job.

Your next task is to take and successfully pass the state’s certification test. Make the time to look for apprenticeships where offered, they will help you get additional hours for training and gives you the chance to get opportunities when it comes to potential future job opportunities.

Also, it is beneficial to make note of, after getting accredited, you will need to re-new your license. See your state board for all the state’s renewal requirements.

NY Licensing Requirements for Professions Presented Within the Cosmetology Field

  • Hair-Dresser – 300 Working hours
  • Esthetician – 600 Working hours
  • Nail Specialist – 250 Working hours
  • Barbers – Twenty Four Mos.Working hours regarding Opportunities Apprenticeships Opportunities
  • Massage Therapist – 1000 Hours

NY Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
Mailing address : 1 Commerce Plaza 99 Washington Avenue, 6th Floor Albany, NY 12231
Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Phone # : (518) 474 4429
Apprenticeship Programs Telephone Number – (518)-474-4429
Email Address –

Employment and Income Perspective

Outlook for Getting a Job as a Cosmetologist in Cheektowaga NY

Federal Details Details per
Median Pay Per Year $22,770 per year
Median Pay Per Hr .95 per hr
Education Level Desired Postsecondary non degree designation
Work Experience in any Related Career NA
On-the-Job Education NA
# of Positions in 2012 663,300
Employment Prospects Growth, 2012-22 +13%
Job Opportunities Increase through 2022 83,300

According to the O*Net Online, cosmetologists are highly sought after in New York. The expected growth by 2020 in brand-new cosmetologist jobs is increasing at a remarkable rate each year, which breaks down to a rise which is much faster than the average of all professions. As you have seen, becoming a cosmetologist in Cheektowaga NY might be a lot easier than you think – especially in comparison to other occupations.

Added Info

Things You Need to Know in Cosmetology Programs

Despite the fact that there isn’t a guidebook on the ways to pick the perfect beauty schools, there are points to consider. It may look like there are dozens of beautician classes in Cheektowaga NY, but you still have to choose the training classes that can best lead you to your long-term goals. Without a doubt, the most important aspect of any program is that it should have the proper accreditation from the New York State Board. Just after taking a look at the accreditation situation, you should search a little bit deeper to be certain that the classes you are considering can supply you with the most-effective instruction.

  • The length of the program
  • Just what is the course’s student pass rate when it comes to the license examination
  • Is the cost out of line with the other schools?

In cases where beauty training colleges state they offer full cosmetology courses, it indicates the instruction concerning hairdressing, natural skin care, finger and toe nail care, plus makeup is actually to be found within a broad training program.

Cosmetologist Schools Present Enrollees a Bunch of Techniques That Will Help you

Beauty college students find out how to employ the knowledge discovered for their clients through group discussions, the given college textbooks, coupled with “hands on” training, practicing in students only salons.

The program curriculum method will be different from your state to the next, however a beauty program student really should graduate from their course employing a thorough expertise in every area of the beauty field, yet college students are definitely allowed to concentrate on a certain area or service.

Get Ready Now for Your Job of tomorrow!

After you’ve completed the beauty schools, you’ll be able to benefits associated with a brand new career with lots of possibilities for development!

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