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For those of you who want to have a career in the cosmetology and beauty field, cosmetology schools in Elizabethtown PA can take you there in a short period of time.

You’ll find accelerated training programs available that may be completed in one and half to two years, and will make you prepared to take the Cosmetologist license test

Prerequisites and Program Choices

What are Prerequisites for Beauty Schools?

It’s vital to go over all of the requirements for becoming a cosmetologist prior to starting your training program. One has to have finished high school or have a GED or equivalent and be of minimum age to work for Pennsylvania.

Recommended Beauty Schools in PA


What is So Important About License?

If you’re looking to earn your beauty certification, or choose a certification in a specialized section of beauty, here’s how to pull off carrying it out. To get certified within Pennsylvania, you’ll want to wrap up your current conventional schooling first.

Then, don’t forget to attend the specified 1,250 working hours for your Pennsylvania state board. In this period of time you will receive hands on education such as you will perform at your future job.

The next step in the process will be to take and successfully pass your state’s accreditation exam. Make sure you try to find apprenticeship programs, they’re able to ensure you get extra hours when it comes to training and can get leads regarding potential employment.

Additionally, it is beneficial to consider, after getting certified, you will need to re-up your license. See your Cosmetology Board for your renewal specifications.

PA Certification Specifications for Careers Offered Throughout the Beauty Field

  • Hairstylist – 1250 Hours
  • Esthetician – 300 Working hours
  • Nail Specialist – 200 Work hours
  • Masseuse – 600 Work hours

PA Board of Cosmetology
Street address : 2601 North 3rd Street PO Box 2649 Harrisburg, PA 17105
Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Phone Number — 717 783 7130
Apprenticeships Availability Telephone Number – (717) 783 7130
Facsimile Number — (717)-705-5540

Career and Wages Outlook

Beautician Positions in Elizabethtown PA

Federal Data Information from
Median Salary $22,770 per year
Median Pay Per Hr .95 per hr
Amount of Schooling to start Post-Secondary non-degree award
Job Exp. NA
On-the-job Instruction? NA
Overall # of Work opportunities 663300
Opportunity Outlook Increase, 2012-22 +13%
Job Opportunities Growth thru Years 2012-2022 83300

According to the O*Net Online, beauticians are highly sought after in the State of Pennsylvania. The increase in new positions for beauticians are projected to rise nationwide through the end of this decade and in Pennsylvania. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to launch your career!

Added Info

Topics Discussed in Beautician Courses in Elizabethtown PA

There are lots of good beauty schools all around the United States, yet you should be aware of which of the beauty schools offer the very best option. Once you begin your search, you will see lots of training programs, but exactly what should you really think about when picking cosmetology programs? For starters, see if the cosmetologist program is approved or accredited through the Pennsylvania State Board. A few other areas that you may have to take a look at aside from state approval status may include:

  • Educate yourself on all you can about the program – including its background
  • Positive or negative references from past enrollees
  • Any type of prerequisites for going through the training

Any time beautician colleges tell you they offer full beauty programs, it usually refers to the teaching of hair-styling, skin, nail-care, as well as makeup is actually readily available in one complete training program.

Cosmetologist Classes Train Trainees Various Relevant Skills to Utilize

Cosmetology school students discover how to utilize the knowledge mastered for future clientele via in-class discussions, the circulated textbooks, not to mention hands on training in student salons.

A state training program curriculum method is different from one state to the next, but a cosmetology school student really should graduate employing a broad comprehension of every part of the cosmetologist field, nevertheless college students are definitely permitted to specialize in a specialized area.

Plan Now for Your Job of tomorrow!

With all the helpful information we have supplied, you are prepared to pick your cosmetology schools!

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