Cosmetology Schools Goodyear AZ

For those of you who wish to work in the cosmetology industry, cosmetology schools in Goodyear AZ can get you there in a short amount of time.

In as fast as 20-24 months, a person are able to get yourself ready to challenge the license examination for your area.

Requirements and Training Programs

What are the Prerequisites for Cosmetology Schools?

There are actually several prerequisites to be qualified for cosmetologist training courses. One has to have graduated from high school or have a GED as well as be the minimum legal age to be employed in Arizona.

Recommended Beauty Schools in AZ


Will the State of AZ Require Cosmetologist License?

If you want to earn your cosmetology license, or maybe go for a certification in a specific part of beauty, we have found how to pull off carrying it out. To get certified or licensed in Arizona, you will have to wrap up your official training foremost.

Then, make sure to participate in the specified 1600 hrs to meet the requirements of the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. Through this period of time you’re going to get simulated training exactly like you will perform on-the-job.

The next step will be to take and successfully pass the state’s accreditation exam. Take the time to look for apprenticeships where available, they’ll enable you to get extra hours with respect to your training and can get prospects when it comes to prospective employment.

Additionally, it is important to not overlook, after getting licensed, you will have to renew your license. See your Cosmetology Board for all your state’s renewal demands.

AZ Certification Criteria for Jobs Available Inside the Field of Cosmetology

  • Beauty Trainer – 650 Hrs and additionally and in addition at least a year instruction working experience
  • Hair-Dresser – 1500 Working hrs
  • Esthetician – 600 Work hours
  • Esthetician Educator – 500 Work hours together with and at minimum one year educating working experience
  • Nail Technician – 600 Working hrs
  • Nail Technician Trainer – 350 Hrs and also and also at minmum a year of instruction exp.
  • Electrologist – 500 Working hours
  • Masseuse – 700 Hours

AZ Board of Cosmetology
Business address : 1721 East Broadway Tempe, AZ 85282-1611
Board Contact Number : (480) 784-4539
Apprenticeship Programs Contact # — 480 784 4539
Facsimile Number – (480) 784-4962
E-mail –

Career and Salary Prospects

Cosmetologist Positions in Goodyear AZ

Federal Information and Facts Information per
Median Pay Per Year $22,770 per year
Median Pay Per Hr 10.95 an hour
Measure of Schooling to begin the process Postsecondary nondegree designation
Work Exp. NA
Occupational Training Needed? NA
Number Opportunities – 2012 663,300
Job Outlook Increase, 2012-22 +13%
Job Opportunities Increase thru 2022 + 83300

Per the recent figures from O*Net Online, all those seeking work as a beautician in Arizona should be in a great situation. In truth, the field’s forecasted rate of growth is among the greatest of any sector in the workforce. Therefore, if you are seeking to be a beautician in Goodyear AZ, you’ll have a number of possibilities to look into.


A Look Inside Beautician Training

Have you reached the spot where you are ready to decide which beauty schools fit your needs? As soon as you begin your search, you’ll discover lots of courses, but what exactly should you try to look for when choosing cosmetology classes? Certainly, the most significant aspect of any school is that it needs to have the proper certification from the Arizona State Board. Some other areas which you might want to pay attention to besides accreditation may include:

  • The career rate of previous school students
  • The historical percentage of graduates passing the license examination
  • Exactly what are the specifications to take part in the program?

Anytime beautician training centers mention they offer complete cosmetology courses, it generally indicates the instructing involved with hairdressing, skin, nail-care, in addition to cosmetics is going to be to be found inside a broad training program.

Beauty Training Schools Provide Enrollees a Bunch of Skills to Work With

Cosmetology trainees will be able to use the skill-sets acquired for clients as a result of group classroom lessons, the issued guides, as well as hands on real life training, learning in student salons.

The official course curriculum method will vary from your state to the next, nevertheless a cosmetologist school student should really graduate having a complete knowledge of every section of the beauty industry, though individuals are definitely allowed to concentrate on a specific area or service.

You’re Now Ready to Begin!

Now that you’ve received all the information required to become a beautician, now it’s up to you to locate beauty schools and start now!

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