Cosmetology Schools Green Acres TN

If a beauty and cosmetology profession interests you, beauty schools in Green Acres TN could possibly be perfect for you!

Lots of training programs may be completed in a matter of 18-24 months, meaning you can be sitting for the Cosmetologist license test in just a couple of months after completing your respective training course.

Prerequisites and Schools to Choose From

Beauty Schools and Prerequisites

Being a beautician has a few prerequisites. The very first is to fulfill the age requirement and hold a high school diploma or GED.

Top Beauty Schools in Tennessee

Certification and Licensing

Does the State of Tennessee Have a Cosmetologist License Requirement That I Should Know About?

If you’re looking to get your beauty license, or perhaps obtain a license within a specific division of cosmetology, here is how to pull off executing it. To become certified in Tennessee, you’ll need to wrap up your own formal schooling to begin with.

Then, don’t forget to attend the specified 1,500 hrs for the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology. Within this period of time you will definitely get hands on education precisely like you will do at your future workplace.

The very next task is to pass the state’s accreditation test. Be sure to hunt for apprenticeships wherever available, they’re able to enable you to get extra hours for training and gives you the chance to get prospects for future job opportunities.

It is additionally very important to not overlook, after you have been accredited, you will need to re-up your license. See your Cosmetology Board for all renewal demands.

TN Accreditation Criteria for Professions Presented Throughout the Cosmetology Field

  • Hair-Dresser – 1500 Working hrs
  • Esthetician – 750 Hours
  • Nail Tech – 600 Work hours
  • Electrologist – 600 Working hrs
  • Masseuse – 500 Hours

Tennessee Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
Address – 500 James Robertson Parkway Nashville, TN 37243-1147
Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Telephone # – (615) 741 2515
Apprenticeships Availability Contact # — (615) 741 2515
Fax # — 615 741 1310
Communication Email – Cosmetology.Board@TN.Gov

Career and Wages Prospects

What is the Employment Outlook for Beauticians in Green Acres TN?

Nation wide Records Data from
Median Salary $22,770 per year
Median Pay Per Hour 10.95 per hour
Standard of Education to start out Postsecondary nondegree award
Experience NA
Employment Training Demanded? NA
# Opportunities – The year 2012 + 663,300
Employment Perspective Growth, 2012-22 +13%
Job Opportunities Growth through the Year 2022 +83300

The need for new beauticians is expected to rise significantly per official data supplied by O*Net Online. The rise in new positions for beauticians are expected to increase nationwide by the end of this decade and in Tennessee. For those who would like to start working as a cosmetologist in Green Acres TN, clearly the rising demand is very much to your benefit.

Additional Resources

Standard Cosmetologist Courses

Even though there isn’t a book teaching how to pick the perfect beauty schools, there are certain things to consider. Once you start looking, you’ll find tons of training programs, but what exactly must you check for when selecting beauty training? First of all, you will need to make sure the class has been approved by the Tennessee State Board. A few other factors you will need to evaluate aside from accreditation include:

  • Make perfectly sure that the curriculum fulfills at least the bare minimum specifications
  • What exactly is the program’s license examination rate of success
  • How convenient would it be get in touch with course instructors?

Whenever cosmetologist colleges say that they offer comprehensive cosmetology courses, it generally indicates the training regarding hair styling, natural skin care, nail care, along with make up is actually readily available within one broad training program.

Beauty Training Colleges Provide Students a Number of Skills to Work With

Cosmetology trainees learn how to employ the skill sets mastered for their clients by way of in-class lectures, the particular published books, and additionally hands on training, practicing in student salons.

The state course curriculum method varies from state to state, however a cosmetology school student really should graduate with a comprehensive understanding of all the elements of the beautician industry, though school students are permitted to focus on a specific area.

Now You Have the Resources for Success!

With the strategies and info you have picked-up, you are now ready to and start a new career as a cosmetologist through enrolling in beauty schools!

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