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For those serious about beginning a professional career in cosmetology, cosmetology schools in Lucas Valley-Marinwood CA make it possible to accomplish your educational goals a lot sooner than you’d probably assume.

A number of courses can be finished in just a matter of 1.5 -2 years, which means you can be sitting for the Cosmetologist license exam in just a couple of months after completing your course.

Qualifications and Courses

Cosmetology Schools – Starting Your Career as a Cosmetologist

To become a beautician has a few conditions. You must be of minimum age to be employed in California and hold a high school degree or equivalent.

Top Beauty Schools in California

Certification Info

The Reason Cosmetologist License is So Imperative

If you’d like to get your cosmetology license, or maybe get a certification in a specialized area of beauty, the following is how to go about doing it. In order to get licensed or certified within CA, you are required to completely finish your traditional education initially.

After that, you need to go to the mandatory 1600 hours to meet the requirements of the California state board. During this time period you will receive hands on training precisely like you will do at your future job.

The very next thing to do is to successfully pass your state’s license test. Don’t neglect to check out apprenticeship programs, they can enable you to get additional hours with respect to training and gives you the chance to get opportunities when it comes to future employment opportunities.

It’s also beneficial to be aware of, after getting accredited, you will need to renew your accreditation. Call your Board of Cosmetology to get renewal prerequisites.

CA Certification Specifications for Careers Presented Throughout Beauty

  • Cosmetologist – 1,600 Hours along with 3200 Hours with respect to Alternatives Apprenticeship Chances
  • Esthetician – 600 Hrs
  • Nail Technician – 400 Hrs
  • Electrologist – 600 Hours not to mention 3200 Hrs intended for Options Apprenticeships Programs
  • Barber – 1500 Working hours and additionally 3200 Hrs when it comes to Prospects Apprenticeships Opportunities

California Cosmetology Board
Post Office Box 944226 Sacramento, CA 94244-2260
Board Telephone # — 916-574-7570
Programs for Apprenticeships Telephone Number — 916-405-6040 and 805-644-3900
Fax # – 916-575-7281
Email Address –

Job and Wages Perspective

Career Opportunities for Cosmetologist in Lucas Valley-Marinwood CA

Federal Data Info from
Median Pay Per Year $22,770 per year
Median Pay Per Hour 10.95 an hour
Fundamental Instruction Levels Postsecondary nondegree award
Expected Experience NA
Career Training Necessary? NA
# Employment opportunities – The year 2012 663300
Employment Outlook Growth, 2012-22 +13%
Job Opportunities Increase thru the Year 2022 83,300 new

O*Net Online forecasts that the need for cosmetologists in California will hit all-time highs over the next couple of years. The domestic rate of growth for this job is far in front of the median for all careers and is among the best in the cosmetology industry. Such statistics illustrate a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any person who has an interest in getting into the beauty industry.

Added Info

A Look Inside Beautician Courses

There are definite things you should think about if you’re ready to pick between cosmetology schools. It may feel like there are dozens of cosmetologist schools in Lucas Valley-Marinwood CA, however you still need to pick the classes that can best guide you to your career objectives. Undoubtedly, the key facet of any school is that it needs to have the proper official recognition from the California State Board. If the accreditation issue is o.k., you might want to check out a few other areas of the school when compared with other schools offering the same education.

  • Learn all you can about the school – including its track record
  • The number of successful scores by the former students on the license evaluation
  • Traffic on program community forums

When beauty training colleges mention they provide full cosmetology courses, it usually refers to the teaching involving hair-styling, skin, finger and toe nail care, and then make up is normally to be found in one detailed training program.

Cosmetologist Programs Train Enrollees Various Relevant Skills to Make use of

Beauty school students find out how to utilize the skills learned for clients by way of group in-class lessons, the particular circulated college textbooks, combined with real life simulated training, practicing in salons for only students.

The official training course curriculum will be different from state to state, nevertheless a beauty course enrolee should certainly graduate from their school employing a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the beautician field, though enrollees are certainly allowed to concentrate on a certain area or service.

Plan Today for Your Career of tomorrow!

As soon as you’ve finished your cosmetology schools, you can benefits of a brand new occupation with lots of possibilities for growth!

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