Cosmetology Schools Thousand Oaks CA

Beauty schools in Thousand Oaks CA are available to anyone looking into working in a beauty and cosmetology environment, and programs are accepting new pupils each and every month.

In as fast as 1.5 -2 years, it is possible to complete your choice of on-campus course, and move on to take the license test for the chance to become a Cosmetologist.

Prerequisites and Schools to Choose From

Beauty Schools – Beginning Your Career as a Beautician

Even though there aren’t many steps required in instruction to become a beautician, you should take notice of the ones that exist. One must have finished high school or have a GED or equivalent as well as be the legal age to work in California.

Suggested Beauty Schools in California

Certification Info

Does CA Have a Beautician License Prerequisite That I Need to be Aware Of?

If you want to earn a beauty license, or perhaps even go for a certification in a unique division of beauty, here is how to go about carrying it out. To get licensed or certified within CA, you’ll need to complete your current official education and learning foremost.

After that, be sure to participate in the mandatory 1,600 working hours to meet the requirements of the California Board of Cosmetology. Through this process you will definitely get hands on instruction like you will perform at your workplace.

Your next step is to successfully pass the state’s accreditation exam. Don’t forget to check out apprenticeship programs, they might get you more hours for training and gives you the chance to get prospects when it comes to future job opportunities.

Also, it is immensely important to not forget, after you have been licensed, you will have to re-up your license. See your Board of Cosmetology for state’s renewal demands.

CA Certification Criteria for Occupations Presented Throughout the Field of Cosmetology

  • Beautician – 1,600 Working hours as well as 3,200 Hrs for Alternatives Apprenticeships Alternatives
  • Esthetician – 600 Hours
  • Nail Tech – 400 Working hours
  • Electrologist – 600 Hrs along with 3200 Hrs with respect to Chances Apprenticeships Possibilities
  • Barber – 1,500 Hrs and 3,200 Hrs regarding Possibilities Apprenticeships Opportunities

CA Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
PO Box 944226 Sacramento, CA 94244-2260
Board Telephone # — 916-574-7570
Available Apprenticeships Telephone # – 916-405-6040 and 805-644-3900
Facsimile # – 916-575-7281
Email Address –

Employment and Income Prospects

What is the Employment Forecast for Cosmetologists in Thousand Oaks CA?

Country wide Information and Facts Data per
Median Salary $22,770 per year
Median Pay Per Hour 10.95 an hour
Essential Knowledge Levels Post-Secondary nondegree designation
Needed Work Exp. NA
On-the-Job Instruction NA
The year 2012 Occupation #’s 663300
Employment Prospects Growth, 2012-22 +13%
Occupations Increase – Years 2012-2022 83300

We don’t have to explain to you that the need for beauticians in California keeps growing annually according to O*Net Online. The increase in new jobs for beauticians are expected to increase nationally through the end of this decade and in California. Don’t miss-out on this excellent opportunity to start your career!

Added Resources

Cosmetologist Courses – Some Things to Expect

The tips listed here should really help assist you in picking which cosmetology schools are the ideal fit for you. Picking cosmetology classes may well sound straightforward, but you must ensure that you are choosing the right type of training. Prior to signing a commitment with the cosmetologist program you’ve chosen, it is strongly recommended that you take the time to check out the certification status of the training program with the California State Board. If the accreditation is alright, you might want to take a look at several other areas of the school when compared with other programs providing the exact same training.

  • Educate yourself on all you can regarding the school – such as its history
  • Number of graduates completing the license test
  • Speak with former attendees or practicing cosmetologist to learn their thoughts on the training course

When ever beautician programs mention they feature comprehensive cosmetology programs, it usually refers to the instructing connected with hairdressing, healthy skin care, nails, along with make up is normally available all in one complete training program.

Beauty Colleges Instruct Enrollees Many Skillsets to do Business With

Beauty students learn how to use the skill sets perfected for their clients through in-class lectures, the circulated references, as well as simulated training, practicing in salons for students.

A state training program curriculum will without a doubt differ from your state to the next, but a beauty training student really should graduate from their school with a comprehensive understanding of the many parts of the beauty industry, yet individuals are certainly permitted to specialize in a specialized service or area.

Getting Prepared for a New Job!

Making use of the strategies and details you have compiled, you are ready to go and get started in beauty schools and start training for your occupation as a cosmetologist!

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