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The beauty and cosmetology industry has become one of the most-popular industries in the United States, and by enrolling now for beauty schools in Westmont IL, you can begin working toward your position as a cosmetologist.

In as quickly as one and half to two years, a person are able to get ready to challenge the license assessment in your state.

Requirements and Training Schools

Tips to Plan for Beauty Schools in Westmont IL

Often times there are standards that must be met before you can be a cosmetologist. You must meet the minimum age limit, as well as having a H.S. diploma or equivalent.

Recommended Cosmetology Schools in Illinois


What is So Vital About License?

If you are hoping to earn your cosmetology license, or possibly obtain a certificate in a specialized part of cosmetology, we have found how to go about carrying it out. To become certified or licensed in Illinois, make sure you complete your official education and learning initially.

After that, you need to attend the necessary 1500 hours for your Illinois Board of Cosmetology. In this time period you’ll get hands on training precisely like you are going to do on-the-job.

Your next step is to pass your state’s licensing examination. Be sure to look for apprenticeship programs, they’re able to help you get additional hours pertaining to training and get opportunities for possible future job opportunities.

Also, it is essential to keep in mind, after you have been certified, you will have to renew your accreditation. Visit your state board for renewal demands.

IL Certification Prerequisites for Occupations Presented In the Beauty Field

  • Hair-Dresser – 1500 Working hrs and also 3000 Work hours with respect to Chances Apprenticeship Chances
  • Esthetician – 750 Working hrs together with 1,500 Work hrs with respect to Options Apprenticeships Opportunities
  • Nail Tech – 400 Hrs not to mention 800 Working hours with regard to Programs Apprenticeship Programs
  • Massage Therapist – 500 Hours

Illinois Barbering and Cosmetology
Mailing address : 320 W. Washington St., 3rd Fl. Springfield, IL 62786 and 100 W. Randolph Street, 9th Fl. Chicago, IL 60601
Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Phone # – 800-560-6420
Apprenticeship Courses Contact Number — (800) 560 6420
Facsimile # — (217)-782-7645

Employment and Wages Outlook

Careers for Beauticians in Westmont IL

Nation wide Records Data per
Median Salary $22,770 per year
Median Pay .95 an hour
Measure of Knowledge to start out Post-Secondary non-degree award
Needed Employment Exp. NA
Job Education NA
2012 Beauty Job opportunities + 663,300
Work Perspective Growth, 2012-22 +13%
Job Opportunities Growth – the Year 2022 83,300

The demand for cosmetologists in Illinois is near a historic high with O*Net Online predicting enormous growth all over the region until the end of this decade. Thanks to the state’s elderly population and expanding cosmetology and beauty industry, the need for more employees considerably outpaces that of other types of cosmetology professionals. These figures represent a unique chance for anyone who has an interest in getting into the cosmetics field.


Exactly What Will Be Covered by Your Cosmetologist Classes?

While there isn’t a strategy guide teaching you how to pick the right cosmetology schools, there are things to consider. Looking for cosmetology classes may perhaps appear relatively easy, but you have to make sure that you are deciding on the right type of program. To guarantee that you are not losing time and money, it is vital to be certain that the program you have decided on has been accredited by the Illinois State Board. Although not as important as the accreditation status, you should probably evaluate some of the following areas also:

  • Has there already been any specific complaints in regards to the program?
  • What is the program’s license examination rate of success
  • Accessibility of school students to instructors

When beautician training colleges mention they feature comprehensive beauty courses, it implies the training involved with hairstyling, natural skin care, nail-care, and make-up is going to be offered inside a single complete training course.

Cosmetologist Colleges Train College Students Various Relevant Skills to Apply

Beauty students discover ways to implement the talents discovered for clients by means of group in-class lessons, the particular supplied college textbooks, and hands on simulated training, practicing in salons for only students.

The state training program curriculum will without a doubt differ from your state to the next, nevertheless a cosmetologist school student should certainly graduate employing a full understanding of every portion of the beautician industry, nonetheless college students are permitted to specialize in a particular area.

Get Ready Today for a Career of Tomorrow!

Using the tips and information you have gathered, you’re ready to go and get started in cosmetology schools and start training for your brand new job as a cosmetologist!

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