How to Become an Esthetician

How to Become an Esthetician

If you want to know more about the necessary education and preparation to be an esthetician, we have you covered at We provide a free and quick look at the requirements and the details involved in esthetician training, the job duties and what it takes to get licensed.

Outlook for Estheticians

Required Training – Graduate From Esthetician or Cosmetology Program
Other Requirements – State Level Licensure
Projected Job Growth – +40%
2013 – Average Yearly Pay – $28,940
Source –

Medical estheticians are licensed at the state level in order to provide facials to patients, do hair removal procedures and the other procedures and services within what is considered skin care. Education and licensing requirements vary by state, but they typically require estheticians to have completes a state-approved cosmetology or esthetician program.

Requirements for Medical Esthetician Licensure and Certification

Even though the requirements to become an esthetician will change from state to state, esthetician school applicants must be eligible to work in their state and then pass that state’s licensing exam for becoming a medical esthetician. To be eligible to sit for the licensure examination, esthetician program graduates must then pass the accredited esthetics course at either a beauty or cosmetology school. There are many clinical hours that you will need to complete to become a licensed esthetician. Commonly 600 hours but some states requiring from 250-1,500 hours.

Picking an Esthetician School

Medical Esthetician Schools
Picking an esthetician school may seem daunting. But, if you only pick from state approved schools you cannot go wrong. Check our state by state requirements page and get informed about your state’s individual requirements.

Once a few state-approved schools have been located, potential students should visit them to ask questions of current students and teachers and survey the grounds and equipment. They should also make sure that there is a licensed esthetician on the teaching staff. Individuals should seek a balance of classroom and clinical training that allows them to gain substantial hands-on experience. Before formally enrolling, they may also wish to assess and compare the costs and curriculum between schools.

What is Covered in Esthetician Schools

Medical esthetics programs cover the human skin’s anatomy and physical make-up. All esthetician school students will cover skin analysis and theory. Facials, body wraps, full body waxing, manicures, scrubs, pedicures, makeup application, eyebrow tinting, and even aromatherapy are all subjects and procedures that will be taught in esthetician training. Not to be forgotten are the very important classes that cover communication, proper sanitation, complete professionalism and proper disinfection.

Many esthetician schools and programs may also offer master courses. These demand extensice training and many more hours of clinical training. The skin care techniques that are taught in these courses are taught with sophisticated technologies for procedures like skin microdermabrasion, patient chemical peels and most laser skin treatments.

Esthetician School

Esthetician Salary and Jobs

AS a licensed estheticians, you are eligible to find employment at retail stores, spas, resorts, hotels and clinics. Many work with dermatologists or plastic surgeons and in some cases, nutritionists. According to the latest data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or, the annual esthetician salary was $28,940. Combine that with a 40% increase in employment the time could not be better to become a esthetician! It is important to note that if you get master certifications, you will command a higher pay.

Can You Take Esthetician Schools Online?

You can take some of the anatomy and non-clinical portions of your training online. But, you need to meet the clinical state requirement and that has to be done in a hands-on environment. But by taking online esthetician courses you can shave a month or two off your timetable in a lot of cases due to the speed of the online experience.

Now you can Become an Esthetician!

By following our steps listed above you can be on your way to becoming a medical esthtician!

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