The Cost of Cosmetology School

Making a decision on what type of education you want can be daunting. We know this at and want you to have as much How Much Does Beauty School Costdetailed information as possible so you can make an informed decision on your school choice. We cover some of the questions we here most commonly about beauty schools. We also know know that without question, one of the first things you will want to know when looking at enrolling in beauty school is “How much will beauty school cost?”. We cover the ins and outs of beauty school and cosmetology school costs with data from

So what Does Beauty School Cost?

In short, the smaller the city, the cheaper the cost of cosmetology or beauty school. The smaller the program, the smaller the cost. Combine the two. The costs goes way down. A full cosmetology program can cost between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars in and around a big city. That same program in a smaller more rural area may be 6,500 to 8,000 dollars. If you are interested in esthetics or being a nail technician, you can expect your program to cost between 3,000 and 6,500 dollars.Cosmetology School Cost

Talk to Multiple Schools to Save Tuition Costs

With tuition fluctuation like these, it is clear that you need to contact as many schools as you can to get the best pricing on your education. The days of just going to your local school are over. There are options everywhere, and the cost of living is rising everyday. So do your due diligence for your own savings. Just don’t let your school loans take it on. You actucally pay that back you know. A little time now can save you thousands of dollars.

Other Costs of Beauty and Cosmetology School

Look for schools that provide all the kits and uniforms for training too. They do exist. A lot of schools want to pass that cost on to the students, so be sure to ask questions. Talking to multiple schools will really help here. Jot your questions and their answers down for each school. Your choice may just present itself.

Four Year College vs. Cosmetology School Costs

With the average four year university averaging over 20,000 dollars a year in cost, the cost of cosmetology programs are much lower and can be done in less than half the time. Top of the line cosmetology and beauty schools don’t even cost 20,000 dollars a year!

Choose Your Beauty School for Many Reasons not Just Cost

The Cost of Beauty SchoolRemember that cost is not everything. Do not just make your school choice based on cost. You will have to afford the cost of the cosmetology program of course, but, there will probably be a few levels of beauty school costs. And there is a good chance you will have multiple choices. If you contact multiple programs and schools and ask a lot of questions, you will be just fine. Your decision making process will be very easy.

Is There Financial aid to Help With Cosmetology School Costs?

Many of the accredited cosmetology programs have financial aid that can be given to qualifying students (be sure to ask each school this!!). Government financial aid is only given to accredited beauty school programs. Be sure to ask about grants and aid when you talk to perspective schools.

Are There Grants to Help With Your Beauty Program Costs?

The Federal Pell Grant or the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or the Federal Work-Study and finally the Federal Perkins Loan are just some of the available grants for cosmetology program students.

Are There any Scholarship Opportunities to Lower my Costs?

Scholarships are also out there. Only about 20% of students even apply for these! So make sure to do that too! Maybe your school costs will disappear. You never know unless you try right? Try the NCEA Esthetician Scholarships or the Aveda scholarship or maybe the ACE Grant or the Sports Clips Scholarship program, which is like the OPI scholarship among others. Click on the links below to apply for each one now!

NCEA Esthetician Scholarships

Aveda scholarship

Sports Clips Scholarship Program

OPI Scholarship

The Cost of Cosmetology School can be Less!

Just remember to take your time and ask questions! Get your path laid out in front of you by each and every beauty school you talk to. They are there for you. Remember that! With a few good questions you can get the inside scoop on what beauty school costs and then you can get on your way to becoming a beauty school graduate!!

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