Guide to Selecting Hairdressing Courses

Hairdressing Courses

At most accredited hairdressing courses you will be taught many top techniques for hair cutting, hair coloring and hair styling. All with the hope and commitment to setting and staying up with the latest styles and trends.

You will learn about what is involved in common hairdressing courses that are offered today. Most cosmetology schools near you will have hairdresser programs or classes within them too. It is imperative that you see what each program offers for hairdressing classes.

What to do First – Hairdressing Courses

It can be overwhelming and difficult to make the first move or take the first step. Don’t let that become an issue for you. Let us help! We show you what to do to get started and what your options for courses will be below.

Talk to Multiple Hairdresser Schools

Most beauty schools or Cosmetology programs have hairdressing courses within them. Though, there may be options at community colleges are vocational schools for individual hairdressing programs in their cosmetology programs. There are licensing requirements in all 50 states for hairdressers. Contact your state board for more information. You can also see our interactive map for your state’s requirements now by clicking HERE.

The Different Types of Hairdressing Courses

Below is a list and small detailed breakdown of each type of hairdressing courses that are commonly offered by hairdressing programs.

Hair-Cutting Course

Learning the basics of scissor use and shears for cutting hair is critical to your career as a hairdresser. Matching style to face shapes and basic hair styles are also covered. Not left out in the course layout is sanitation procedures and protocols, how to perform the basic day to day tasks when cutting hair are mainly covered in hair cutting courses.

Hair Coloring Class

The basic theory behind hair coloring and the basics of how to color hair is covered first. The insight in to which color may look best and why is critical to this course. Your clients will want to consult with you about what may be best for them. It is key you know what you are talking about here! There are safety methods and procedures that are a big part of the program, along with all techniques for coloring hair.

Hair Straightening Course

With permanent hair styling being hugely popular, chemicals will be and are a big part of this course. In this program, you will be taught how to safely handle, manage and use chemicals for the purpose of straightening hair. This class is a must due to it’s usage of chemicals. You will be shown on mannequins how to use these products. So do not be turned off. It is safe when done properly.

Hair Styling School

Once you have taken the basic courses in hairdressing you can take an advanced program like hair styling. All straightening techniques like the usage of thermal heat will be taught. This is also the area of hairdressing courses that teaches the formal hair styles like those worn at weddings and proms. The advanced techniques in these courses lead to clients!!

Take State Board Exam Prep Courses

Becoming a licensed hairdresser will require you to pass a state examination before you are eligible for employment as a hair dresser. There are many prep courses and practice tests available for your success. Be wise and use them for your advantage.

Career Outlook

The career outlook for future hairdressers looks bright at a 13% growth over the next decade according to That is wonderful!!

Now it is Time to Find Hairdressing Courses!

Resources for Hairdressing Students

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