Massage Therapy Schools

Massage Therapy SchoolsBecoming a massage therapist demands you attend an accredited massage therapy school. At we will get you on the fast track to success.

Below we will cover what it takes to become a massage therapist from start to finish. You have already taken step 1 when you found our website. Now let’s get started.

What to Expect in Massage Therapy Schools

Massage therapy programs teach you the basics of massage therapists job. Which is mainly to treat the muscles with the use of touch and massage. Massage therapy is for treatment of injuries and for individual client satisfaction, be it for relaxation or stress relief. Earning a massage therapy degree or earning a certification can be done commonly in 1-2 years. Most sttes do require a certification for employment. The demand is rising for massage therapists at 23% over the next decade per

Forms of Massage Therapy Training

It is common to specialize in forms of massage therapy which is also referred to as massage modalities. These require specialized techniques. The most common forms of massage therapy or modalities are deep-tissue, sports, swedish and neuromuscular massage.

Where you can Work After Massage Therapy School

Massage therapists are commonly employed at a spa or gym, but the number of self-employed is rising. When you can practice in your own space, a client’s home or studio you can be more effective in a lot of cases and repeat business is prevalent. Having steady and strong hands is helpful, which can be extremely helpful when you have multiple appointments in a single day. Being a massage therapist requires high quality communication skills for success. There are many benefits to the job. One is that most do not work forty hours a week.

Massage Therapy Program Requirements

You must be of age to work in the state you live and work in and have a high school diploma. To become eligible for licensing, massage therapists must enroll in a post-secondary program. The curriculum will include subjects like first aid, hygiene, physiology and especially human anatomy. Clinical or hands-on training is the most important portion of massage therapy school. Many schools have clinics that have clients to practice on. It can be really helpful.

Massage Therapy License Requirements

Massage Therapy ProgramsAccording to, 44 of 50 states and Washington D.C. have regulations and requirements for massage therapists. Requirements vary, with many states mandating completion of an accredited and state approved massage therapy program and then you must pass a licensing exam. There are some states that have their own specific licensing exam. Also, others require massage therapists have to pass the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or another National Massage Licensing Examination. If you attend an accredited program you will learn the correct techniques to pass the examination.

Massage Therapy Jobs and Salary shows that jobs for massage therapists is expected to grow by an astounding 23% through the year 2022. This projected increase is due to the growing popularity and exposure to spas and massage clinics. The increasing awareness to what massages can do for you and your body. Many therapists work on their own and have to build clientele. This can be difficult but repeat clients in this industry is very high.

The national median yearly salary for a massage therapist is $35,920 annually. The earning range is wide at $18,280 to $71,020 per year. States like Alaska, New York and Oregon had the highest average pay at $88,500, $53,070 and $52,850 per year.

Top Massage Therapy Schools

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