Quick Guide to Beauty Schools Online

Beauty schools online are accessible to any person considering having a career in a beauty. Even though portions of their beauty school education may have been done online their completion is up to the standards of other traditional college formats. They allow for many added benefits too!

Below we will cover the benefits to online cosmetology programs and all other necessary information to get you going today!In as little as 1-2 years and faster with online courses, you are able to get yourself ready to sit for the license exam for your state.

Online Program Requirements

Requirements for Online Beauty Schools

To enter beauty schools, the applicant needs to be of minimum age to be employed in their state and have earned a H.S. diploma or GED.

Benefits to Online Courses

Speed up Your Time Table

Cosmetology courses are not just practicing the actual craft is is about learning too. You will be required to take some basic educational courses before getting to your cosmetology courses. These can be done online. This time period can be sped up immensely!

Give Yourself Personal Time Back

With the structure of most online programs you will be able to work your own schedule. If you need days or nights open, then bang! You got it! Now there may be some set times for group discussions but that is not hard to work around.

Save Money!

From day to day travel, to food costs, to the biggest saver, tuition costs, online training saves you money. If you live in some states like California for example, the gas prices can be costly. Everywhere too I guess lol. But these savings add up fast and when combined with the other benefits, online classes are a great idea for a lot of people.!

Licensing Information

An Online Beauty School Provides Valid Licensure

If you are hoping to earn a cosmetology certification, or maybe perhaps a certificate within a unique or specific section of cosmetology like becoming a nail technician, here is how to go about off executing it. To become licensed in your state, you’ll need to completely finish your conventional education to start with. This is where online courses come in. You can speed up that process by taking these courses online. Only 50% of your overall cosmetology program can be done online. You need to get your hands dirty at some point right?

Another note to remember, be sure you make sure to participate in the necessary hours demanded from the State Board of Cosmetology. During this period of time you will surely get hands on instruction like you will do on-the-job. See our map below to find your state’s licensing requirements and the contact information for your state cosmetology board.

Complete Your Required Hours!

After completing the on the job training and your online course you will be ready to take the certification test. Also, check out any available apprenticeship programs, they can help you get more hours when it comes to your training and can get prospects for prospective work.

License Renewals may be Necessary

After you have earned your accreditation, you will have to re-new your accreditation according to the demands of the state board. Contact your state cosmetology board for all renewal prerequisites.

Online Resources

What are Some of the Resources Used?

Many schools are using more and more technology in the classroom. Online training programs are on the front end of this. Being that their students learn online they have to have top of the line and current technology to handle it. And this technology has improved immensely over the last decade.

The largest cosmetology textbook provider in the cosmetology industry is Milady. They report that more and more schools are using eBook downloads and some of the Course-Mate online teaching tools. The tablet and laptop have also allowed this interface to move fast with the technology times. It actually can get you in to what is available in the tech world today. Enjoy it!

Available Cosmetology and Beauty Schools

State by State Licensing Requirements

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